5 Things You Should Know About Comedy Shows

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Hosting a comedy show at your establishment requires more than just finding comedians to hire. Before you throw a comedy night, make sure to keep these 5 things in mind.

1. The comedians you hire must be right for your event.

If you have a bar/tavern/nightclub or lounge, chances are your clientele will expect an “adult show”. If you are hiring comedians for a civic or fraternal organization, things may need to be pulled back.

Talk to your comedy booking agency about appropriate talent. If possible, talk with your comedians before the date to make certain they understand your needs too.

2. Set the show.

Know where you will stage the comedy. Don’t just shove your comedians in a corner. Comedy needs to be seen. Make sure guests will have a clear line of sight. If you have a large room, put your comedians on a stage. Light the stage. Make it a focal point. This draws attention and allows patrons to anticipate the performance.

3. Mic the stage.

If your audience can’t hear the comedians, they won’t laugh. The show will be over early. People will walk away talking about how bad it was. Good sound is important to great comedy.

Elevate the speakers so the sound can carry through the room. Use directional speakers that are placed near the stage. Overhead speakers do not provide the same effect or quality, no matter how good they are.

Ask the comics to arrive early to do a soundcheck. It looks unprofessional trying to adjust levels or fight feedback during a performance. Also, make sure to have a backup microphone in case one dies.

4. Promote the show.

You could host the biggest name star and draw an audience of one if you don’t promote the show. Talk with your comedy booking agency to get their help. Posters, flyers, table cards, social media and paid advertising bring people in the door. Great shows generate word of mouth. That makes holding future shows even easier to promote.

5. Staff your show.

Do you need someone on the door for a cover charge or ticket sales? Extra bar and wait staff? Extra kitchen help? We recommend holding food service (in the audience area) during performance. But people often come early to eat before the show. You’ll want to make sure they get great service and incredible food.

Putting your patrons in a good mood before the comedians ever step on stage is important. It not only makes people want to return, it makes the evening easier on your acts!

At Comedy-Nights.com, we make hosting a comedy night easy on you.

If you want to pick up a slow night, or do something different for your establishment or club, contact us now. Let’s talk about increasing your business with standup comedy shows.

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