Greatest Challenges of Standup Comedian Shows

Comedian shows can be a great way to attract attention and reel in a new audience.

Whether your club is looking to attract new customers or you want to get your civic group noticed, hosting a comedy night can do that. But don’t underestimate the planning and thought that need to go into staging a successful comedy show.

Here are some challenges to consider as you decide how to put on the event:

First, let’s talk about open mic nights.

Specifically, let’s talk about why they’re a bad idea.

Sure, it may seem like a good plan: invite people who are outgoing and willing to embarrass themselves a little, and everyone will have a good time, right? But keep this in mind when thinking about open-mic amateur hour: there’s a reason most of these people are amateurs.

Being a professional stand-up comedian is about more than telling jokes—it’s about timing, stage presence and projecting a certain personality. It takes years of practice to hone those skills. And if someone hasn’t put in that effort?

They’ll probably be bad.

And that means your audience will get bored.

Avoid open mic nights. Stick with the experts.

But limiting your show to real, working standup comedians is just the start.

You want to make sure the talent you hire is actually talented. That’s why it’s a good idea to hire a professional business to help you put on the promotion. Because the reputation of your organization is at stake, you want someone who knows who the best comedians are and can connect you with them.

You should also keep in mind that not every comedian is suited for every situation.

A comedy night event at a bar is going to require something different than a Rotary Club fundraiser. This is another reason to work with someone who knows the field. If you tell them what your requirements are, they’ll be able to help you book the right kind of comedian for your particular needs.

If you want comedian shows to succeed, you should bring in professional standup comedians. And if you want to find the best standup comedians, the ones who are the right fit for your business or organization, get in touch with us and we can help you navigate to a successful event. serves Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Lower New Jersey. For programs outside of these areas, travel charges may apply.

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