Why Hire Comedians?

hire comedians

A lot of people think they are funny.

You’ve probably laughed at them in social settings. Maybe on the job. No doubt you’ve even got friends who are hilarious.

With that many funny people, why hire comedians?

You could just announce an open mic and people will show up. Give them each five minutes and you’ve got a comedy show.



Being funny in a social setting is different than being on a stage. In a social setting there is no pressure to make others laugh. If the line isn’t funny, it is quickly forgotten.

On a stage, not so much.

When you are in front of an audience, they expect you to be funny. Nerves set in. If a line doesn’t draw a laugh, confidence can falter. The audience doesn’t forget you just bombed a joke. They are now on edge, challenging your next line to be hilarious.

If it isn’t, the crowd can turn on you.

Or worse, try to help.

Unfortunately that comes by way of heckling. Hecklers usually have one of two goals.

  • First, they may be trying to help you liven up the act. It is a misguided belief.
  • Second, they may just want you off-stage so they can enjoy their evening again.

A pro comic would shut them down fast.

The amateur comic doesn’t have that ability.

Amateur social comedians don’t always understand what goes into a successful standup comedy routine. They sound like a spontaneous dialog. In reality, they are carefully scripted and edited for laughs.

Because open mics draw people trying to tune their act, you will have plenty of off-nights. Nights that flop create an impression on the crowd you are trying to build. Over time, that can hurt your business.

So why hire professional comedians?

They have tread the boards. Stage time prepares them for the unexpected. They understand the ebbs and flows of comedy. This allows the professional standup comedian to read your audience and keep them laughing.

When you hire comedians that understand how to present a show, you guarantee your guests a great time.

And that is what you should want.

A great show builds incredible word of mouth advertising for your establishment.

If that isn’t worth the investment, nothing is.

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