5 Tips For A Successful Comedy Night

Planning to host a comedy night?

Comedy nights are a popular way to draw a diverse audience to your venue. Clubs, bars, hotels, theaters and casinos find attendance increases with stand up comedians on the bill.

But a successful comedy night doesn’t just happen.

If you’ve never hosted one, you may be in for a bit of a surprise. Comedy needs the right conditions to be successful.

Sure, having great comedians on the bill is essential. But even the best stand up comedian will die if certain conditions aren’t considered.

1. The audience must be close. You can’t have a dance floor between the comedian and the audience. It doesn’t work. There is an intimacy about comedy and proximity is a must.

2. Food service should stop (in the audience area) during the show. People can’t eat and laugh at the same time. Their mouth is busy. Plus, you don’t want someone to choke. Or spit food across the room. That isn’t good for anyone. Except the comic who will likely make fun of the situation.

People eating during a comedy show will kill the response, the show and your planning efforts.

3. Turn off the distractions. This means the bar TV’s and the music. Things that pull attention away from the comedian hurt the show. Ever come in midway through a conversation? Takes a while to catch up and know what’s going on. You miss a laugh. While someone explains the joke, you both miss the next. You can’t “half-hear” a stand up comedian.

4. Speaking of “half-hear” – have great, room appropriate sound! Most stand-up comedians rely on the spoken word. If an audience can’t hear, they won’t laugh.

If your comedian can’t be heard in the rear of the room, people lose attention. This results in conversations, which raise the room’s noise level. Soon it distracts people in the front. No one wins.

Avoid the use of ceiling speakers. You need a clear, directional system that emanates from the stage. If speakers aren’t wall mounted, raise them on stands. This way sound travels above the audience’s head. You can then raise the volume so people in the back can hear, yet people in the front won’t be holding their ears.

5. Light the stage. It’s a show, so make it look like one. Light the performance area and dim the room by 50%. Most comedians like to see the audience so they can interact. A dimmed room and stage lights focus attention on your investment.

When you hire comedians and host a comedy night, these simple steps can make all the difference in the world.

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