Putting Butts in Seats – Marketing Your Comedy Night

Top-notch standup comedians can help attract customers to your business.

To maximize turnout, consider using a few creative marketing strategies.

Most owners know that they can promote events with fliers, outdoor signs and social media accounts. However, they frequently overlook several other low-cost advertising techniques.

1. Submit details on your comedy night to major event websites. WikiDo, Eventful, Craigslist and Eventbrite accept listings for free. Don’t forget to search for local online calendars as well. For example, Seattle Weekly and the Seattle Convention and Visitors Bureau list nearby events on their websites. Perhaps there are calendars for your area as well.

2. If you already place ads in a local newspaper, the editor might be willing to publicize your comedy night for free. It’s best if the article appears on the same page as a cartoon or humor column. Keep in mind that media outlets prefer to cover events that raise money for charity or feature well-known standup comedians.

3. Think about donating a portion of the proceeds to a local nonprofit organization. Customers feel better about spending money on entertainment if they help others at the same time. Furthermore, the nonprofit may promote your event with its website or newsletter.

4. Is there a nearby radio station that holds contests and awards prizes to local listeners? If so, consider giving free tickets or gift certificates to the broadcaster. This is an affordable way to persuade disc jockeys to mention your event on the air.

5. Design and publish a monthly calendar with an appealing color picture. Print a reminder on your comedy event’s date, and let customers take the calendars for free. Until the end of the month, this low-cost promotional product will remind people of your business and the upcoming event.

6. If there’s an admission fee, offer a discount when someone purchases multiple tickets. This encourages customers to bring their family and friends. For instance, you could provide a 30 percent discount on the second ticket. If a comedian appeals to families, give away one pass when a customer buys two.

Each method works better for some businesses than others. Although a newspaper or radio station may refuse to publicize your comedy night, it doesn’t hurt to ask. The results may depend on your existing relations with local media outlets and the public. If you take the time to experiment with several marketing strategies, at least one technique is sure to attract customers.

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