Social Media Marketing For Comedy Nights

When it comes to promoting the comedy night events for your own business on social media websites like Facebook, knowing how to approach this task for the first time can be a little intimidating. The good news is that with a little motivation and some simple advice to give you a solid start, promoting your own comedy night show is easier than ever. It all boils down to bringing more fans to your seats!

1. The first thing you can do on Facebook is create an event and send invitations. Create a graphic or post a photograph along with all of the important information about your event. This should include the title of the event along with the names of any standup comedians. Also provide the time, date, ticket price, location and further contact information that allows prospective guests to inquire further on the event. In this case, providing a phone number or external link works best.

2. Write up a brief description for the event including any key information regarding what the audience can expect from the standup comedians involved or the driving directions to the location. You should couple this description with the graphic when creating your event page on Facebook or on any other social network.

3. Make sure you get your start on promoting the event a couple of weeks beforehand, and don’t be afraid to extend your promotion onto other social media websites. You could post to Twitter several times a week or even advertise on Tumblr. Just be sure to include your graphic and information mentioned in the first two steps outlined above. Make sure that each post your create is attention-getting and engaging. Avoid repetitive wording.

4. To expand on that last idea a bit, it is important that you think of creative ways to advertise your comedy night event. Your audience will have hundreds of alternative entertainment venues available to choose from, so it is your job to show them what makes you stand out and to have fun doing it!

If you initially encounter some difficulty in filling those seats, don’t sweat it. You just might need to think a little more outside the box. It is a comedy show, correct? Don’t be afraid to sprinkle in a little humor with your promotional posts. You want people to get the information they need, but don’t forget to get them excited!

Need to hire comedians for your comedy night? Contact us now. We’ll help you host an incredible show that leaves people looking forward to returning for your next event! serves Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Lower New Jersey. For programs outside of these areas, travel charges may apply.

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