Standup Comedians Surprise Bar Owner

Imagine your crowd is too large.

The drawing power of comedy recently surprised one bar owner. Some of his evenings had been slow and he hoped to increase attendance. He found some local standup comedians to hire and hosted a comedy night.

It was a true learning experience.

His attendance went through the roof. Not expecting a full house, the staff was overrun. Service was slower than usual and the kitchen was slammed. Not exactly the type of impression you want to provide first time visitors.

The show provided some surprises too. The headline comedian promised by the agency never showed. A last minute replacement didn’t have the same level of experience. The show started almost 30 minutes late and only ran an hour, instead of the usual 90 minutes.

Sound problems plagued the program. People in the back couldn’t hear. When the levels were raised, feedback caused everyone to cover their ears.

The comedians had trouble too. The last minute replacement would have been a great opening act. Possibly a strong mid act. But he wasn’t prepared to close the show. The drop of energy following the opener was noticable. It didn’t help the night.

The lessons learned here were many:

  • Comedy has drawing power when properly promoted.
  • Advanced planning is required for both staff and show.
  • Know your standup comedians so you don’t get “surprised”.

These problems could have easily been avoided. The bar owner won’t be making the same mistakes twice. That evening, they took steps to keep patrons happy and willing to give them another chance.

He also saw the drawing power of comedy and plans to make it a regular part of his entertainment schedule.

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